In my gallery I have two or three exhibitions per year with partner artists. If you are interested in such an exhibition, please contact me. On the page Exhibitions you can find out about the current exhibition.      

Skulpturengarten Galerie der RWM, Workshop

Sculpture garten of Galerie der RWM

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Sculpture "Owl“ 

Skulpturengarten Rudolf Meyer

Sculpture garten of Galerie der RWM

Stone Sculpture Courses

Weather permitting I offer anyone who's interested -- even beginners -- individually designed stone sculpture courses in my art garden. Dates and duration of the course by mutual agreement (minimum 2 days). 
Price examples:

  • For one person / 2 days: 300 EUR
  • For two persons / 2 days: 450 EUR

The course fee includes drinks/snacks and lunch each day of the course; use of all necessary tools. The course fee does not include the cost of purchasing the stone to be sculpted. The artist can assist you in purchasing a stone. It is also possible to purchase one from the artist.

Skulptur mit blauer Blume, Galerie der RWM

Sculpture garten of Galerie der RWM

Events & News

Check here to find out about events and new developments as soon as they are available.

Skulptur im Garten mit Kürbissen

Buying My Sculptures

You can view and purchase my works directly at my home in Nettetal.

In the art portal Artpal you can get a first impression of the spectrum of my works. Enter the name "Rudolf Meyer" in the search field. You will then be shown a large number of works with details and prices.

You can also purchase the works exhibited in Artpal directly online. Details of the purchase procedure and shipping can be found on the Artpal website.

Note: I grant a 30-day guarantee with every purchase.

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