Galerie der RWM

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Steinskulptur Galerie der RWM

Galerie der RWM

Art inspires life.
                  Rudolf Meyer

Examples of my work

This is a small selection of my works. When you display one of my sculptures in your home,  you offer a special eye-catcher for your visitors and can enjoy the view yourself every day. Those you welcome into your home will discover your the kind of art you like and your love of designing your surroundings in a special way.  

Skulptur "Windung"

Skulptur "Abstrakt"

Skulptur "Abstrakt"

Skulptur in Hecke

Skulptur von Rudolf Meyer

My art activities

  • Joint exhibitions with other artists in my gallery
  • Participation in third-party art exhibitions
  • Creating art with refugees to support social causes 
  • Presentation of sculpture for the public 
Bildhauer Rudolf Meyer

WHAT makes MY WORK unique?

Skulpturengarten Galerie der RWM in Nettetal

I create stone sculptures out of various materials: marble, serpentine, sandstone, alabaster, soapstone.

The size of the sculptures ranges from about 20 cm to 80 cm. Some of the sculptures are weatherproof and suitable for the garden.

Take a virtual tour of the art in the garden here!