About Me

The art of stones and how I discovered it

In the banking sector, where I worked for over 30 years, I had various tasks, e.g. in risk management, that were very abstract. From today's point of view, one would probably say virtual. The reports and results were outdated after a relatively short time or had to be updated and adapted again and again.

I missed being able to work with my hands. Therefore I looked for a balance in my life where something was physically visible and would last for a longer period of time. More

My thoughts while creating a sculpture

I look for a stone, which I either find in nature or buy from a special stone dealer.
When I find a stone, I must feel that I can give it an identity and form an expression that viewers can understand or be captivated by. More

My Poetry

I also create lyrical works, which I publish myself. Please contact me if you are interested. Here are two examples, translated from the original German version:


They swim through a sea they don't know.
They stubbornly defy the spirit of the times.
They work driven by invisible visions and passions
that hardly anyone can decipher.
They live in their world -- sometimes satisfied, sometimes struggling.
They disregard the rules of the game and are proud of the rejection they receive,
because that, too, is an echo of their work.
You stand there like a mental rock in the rough sea of criticism.
But the world needs them as beacons of human existence.

We fantasize in images.
We dream in time sequences.
We shape matter.
We observe objects.
And we think about everything.